The Vivienne Tam Woman: “She’s Like a Nomad, You Know?”

We spoke with designer Vivienne Tam for a few minutes after her very successful show (attended by a hard-to-account-for group of people), featuring lots of crocheted knits and relaxed silhouettes. The models actually looked comfortable, and the collection as a whole reminded us a bit of reading Victorian novels on a distant shore. We were right, sort of! “It’s like, you know, the girl who loves traveling! She’s a traveler, she’s like a nomad, you know? She goes to all the places, like the different countries, and goes to the flea market and picks up the pieces that she likes and deconstructs it. Because you can’t wear costumes — we’ve got to make modern clothes to wear,” Ms. Tam said of her collection.

Ms. Tam said she also wanted to move away from the harshly architectural designs we’ve been seeing a lot of on runways in the last few years.  “I wanted to inspire women hand-making clothes, using their hands, because so much is going on with the computer,” she said. “Sometimes you’ve lost the sensibility to the world, to nature, about people, about beautiful architectures and beautiful geometries, everything, the patterns, the fabrics, everything.”

And who does Ms. Tam consider to be the quintessential Vivienne Tam woman? “Every woman! The world’s woman is a Vivienne Tam woman!”