Through a jaded Lenz

Hoboken Councilman Michael Lenz is fighting for his all-important, majority-hinging 4th Ward seat in a November special.

And even though he has incumbency, administration support, and financial acumen to spare, he doesn’t have 622 absentee ballots before Labor Day.

His opponent, Tim Occhipinti, a newcomer who inherited the betrayed legion of disgraced mayor Peter Cammarano, does. The absentee push in Hoboken – especially since state law loosened restrictions – has notoriously been a slimy, underbelly maneuver that takes advantage of elderly, infirmed, and unwitting participants.

In other instances $35 to $50 ususally does the job, local operatives have admitted.

But one Occhipinti backer said proudly this week that 622 was the tally already, and absentee maven Frank Raia had yet to join the envelope party.

This could be the push that Occhipinti needs to challenge Lenz; unfortunately it will most likely end up before a judge. Absentee ballots historically turn to swiss cheese in a close election that ends in court. 


Through a jaded Lenz