To Succeed, Spider-Man Musical Simply Has to Be Wicked Times Four

159572216 e28b30b063d3f8e36e2aa91dc6f8d2ab 4c8a2bd0 scaled To Succeed, Spider Man Musical Simply Has to Be Wicked Times FourIn this morning’s Times, Pat Healy has a profile of Michael Cohl, lead producer for the prodigal musical, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. The story offers an open look at the project’s finances that will be refreshing to anyone tired of the Post‘s gloating (“Goblin’ Up ‘Spider-Man’ Bucks“).

Cohl, whose background is in concert promotion, raised about 70 percent of the musical’s $60 million budget last year, which he confirmed for the first time to The Times. The show will cost about $1 million per week to keep running, so it’s essentially got to be a Wicked-scale success out of the gate. Though, the article does note that Wicked cost $14 million when it debuted in 2003.

“I got involved because I believed deeply in three artists: Bono, Edge, [director] Julie [Taymor],” he said. “But there have been a lot of moments over the last year when I said, ‘This isn’t doable,’ when I went home and thought: ‘What am I doing? I could be on a beach in Florida.’ “

The show had a preview this morning on Good Morning America. Cohl holds out hope for a Cirque du Soleil-style tour for the musical to further recoup costs. But enough with the pessimism! Did you hear Spider-man flies around the room at 40 mph?