Warren Redlich Takes Aim At….The New York Public Library?!?

Libertarian candidate for governor Warren Redlich is out with a new video that brings the heat to that most reviled of public institutions, the New York Public Library.

In the video, Redlich calls out NYPL head Paul LeClerc, who makes over $700,000 a year, and Redlich quite amusingly does man on the street interviews with sunbathers on the steps of the library and in nearby Bryant Park.

Redlich has sent out releases in the last couple of days touting his tax-cutting, small government, tea-party bonafides and calling out G.O.P nominee Carl Paladino for, among other things, meeting with George Pataki.

At the very least, in light of the news that Paladino is toning down some of rhetoric, Redlich seems to be making serious play for the bomb-throwing vote.