We Admire Elle EIC Robbie Myers’ Tenacity

robbiemyers We Admire Elle EIC Robbie Myers TenacityWe’ve been seeing Elle editor-in-chief Robbie Myers in the front row — and on time, no less! — at nearly every show we’ve attended so far this week, which takes a very special kind of dedication. Not two days after Lynn Yaeger told us it would be okay if we only made four shows a day, Ms. Myers upped the ante. For her personally, “On a big day, it’s eight, if you include presentations. It’s a lot of running around. But it’s great, I mean, it’s fun!”

We asked Ms. Myers how she manages to keep up — coffee? Secretly getting eight hours of sleep a night? “Eight hours of sleep is an impossibility,” she said. “Honestly, it’s adrenaline.”


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