Wednesday Morning Roundup: Inquiry Panel's Internal Squabbles

 • The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, which like the 9/11 Commission, only for the Panic of 2008, may have trouble writing a comprehensive report, because senior staff have left in droves and bickering plagues those who remain. [NYT]

• Back in 2007, China asked the Fed if could buy 10% of Morgan Stanley. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve Board said, “Okay, as long as you don’t try to tell them what to do.” []

• Goldman Sachs is taking a hand in the initial public offering of PetroAlgae, a money-losing company that’s trying to turn algae into car fuel. This has Wall Street onlookers saying things like “How gauche,” and “Remember when Goldman did big deals?” [Reuters]

• A BP oil spill cleanup command center in Louisiana is shutting down because BP is several weeks behind on the rent. [AP]

• A recent study of Census data reveals that in U.S. urban areas, young women made an average of 8 percent more than men in 2008, thanks to the presence of lower-paying manufacturing jobs and lower-earning immigrants. Nationwide, women continue to earn far less than men, and their wages fall after they have kids. [WSJ]

Wednesday Morning Roundup: Inquiry Panel's Internal Squabbles