What Is– and Isn’t– Selling

With more than 150 gallery openings so far this month, the New York art world returned from its summer slumber with a vengeance. But is anything selling?

In some cases, yes. New York collector Hubert Neumann, who’s been an avid advocate of painter Justin Craun since he first showed with Fredericks & Freiser right out of art school in 2004, bought the artist’s entire front-room installation there. (The four massive Fauve-colored paintings were $28,000 apiece.) Flowers Gallery sold a work by Korean Pop Art star Kwon Kisoo at the show’s opening. On the Lower East Side, Eleven Rivington sold half of painter T.M. Davy’s quiet domestic scenes by opening night, according to director Augusto Arbizo. “Based on what I’m hearing through the grapevine, in the Lower East Side at least, the season is off to a very promising start,” he said.

Not for Damien Hirst, however. His 1993 piece We’ve got Style was the most notable artwork that failed to sell at the otherwise successful auction of the Lehman Brothers and Neuberger Berman corporate collection Saturday. Overall, the sale at Sotheby’s raised $12.3 million with 83 percent of the art sold.