Where The Attorney General Candidates Are This Weekend

The election is only 11 days away, and if the primary schedule weren’t screwy enough as it is, candidates now may have to dodge Hurricane Earl when they are out on the hustings.

Richard Brodsky: Local fairs in the upper Hudson Valley and the Columbia County fair on Saturday; On Sunday, retail politicking and African-American churches in Brooklyn, and headed to Southeast Asian temples in Brooklyn and Queens. On Monday, the West Indian Parade and retail politicking in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Sean Coffey: The state fair tomorrow with his daughter. In Buffalo on Sunday with his mother, and on Monday headed to a Mass service there.

Eric Dinallo: Church services in Harlem on Sunday, and the West Indian Parade on Monday.

Kathleen Rice: Saturday – Several retail events in Suffolk County; Sunday – Brooklyn and Queens churches; Monday – West Indian American Day Parade.

Eric Schneiderman: As part of his “Justice on Main Street” tour, attending multiple community events in Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo to discuss the epidemic of illegal gun and gang violence, in addition to picking up key endorsements.

Where The Attorney General Candidates Are This Weekend