Will Bedbug Infestation Move Google's New York Engineers to Quit and Go Work For Start-ups?

There’s a bug in the system at Google New York! Citing a tweet from a marketing person there, Silicon Alley Insider reports that Google’s headquarters in Chelsea are the latest corporate office in New York to be invaded by the relentlessly colonial creatures, thus following in what is by now a proud local tradition.

Might this be a deliberate attack surreptitiously launched from down the street by some Apple Store employee with an overactive sense of company pride? Or maybe– sorry, we’ve basically already made this joke in the headline but the fact is there’s nothing funny about SEO– this is the work of a conspiracy among New York start-up founders hoping to goose Google’s coveted engineers into abandoning ship and coming to work for them instead. Hey, people have quit their jobs over less!

We can’t do this ourselves because we lack the skills, but if some enterprising illustrator out there drew up a Google logo being devoured by bedbugs, they’d have an instant meme on their hands.