Wind Attacks Flushing! ‘The Most Difficult Conditions Ever,’ Says Quarterfinalist

From my humble perch, I can report to you that it was a very windy day. It felt even windier than it did this past Saturday when everyone was freaking out about the wind. Also, it felt cool enough to be an October night.

But what do I know? Let’s talk to the players on Center Court:

Novak Djokovic:

Obviously the conditions were maybe as difficult as we saw so far in the tournament. We didn’t have wind only in one direction. We had it all over, you know…As you probably saw, the serve wasn’t going over 110, 105 mph.

Dominika Cibulkova:

I would say it was the most difficult conditions I have ever played in. Especially center court, you know, the wind was turning around and it was very tough to play…My tennis was more affected by the wind that Caroline’s tennis. That’s why she won today.

Gael Monfils (when asked if ever played in conditions like this):

That windy? Never…You can’t serve like you want. Then you cannot hit like you want. Sometime I was like really far, and the ball just drop and even go forward.

Kaia Kanepi:

Yeah, it was blowing every way.

Caroline Wozniacki:

It was really difficult to play today. It was very windy, and from one side you barely hit it and the ball was flying, and from the other side you had to really hit through because the ball didn’t go anywhere…The wind just was going everywhere. I don’t know. I was just trying to get in position so I could get the balls in the court.

Vera Zvonareva:

I think the weather was definitely not for the good tennis out there.



Wind Attacks Flushing! ‘The Most Difficult Conditions Ever,’ Says Quarterfinalist