Wind Claims Its First Victim

Kaia Kanepi just finished former U.S. Open finalist Jelena Jankovic in straight sets. The wind was a very big factor.

First, let me give you a report from the ground. It’s crazy out there! I almost want to compare it to an early April Mets game where it’s cold, and Gary, Keith and Ron spend as much time discussing bags and debris flying around the infield and outfield as they do on the game. But it’s actually windier than that! The ball is going to fly, and Jelena Jankovic said it was incredibly difficult, especially on Ashe.

“You hit the ball in one direction and it goes another,” she said after her match today. “You’re getting ready to hit the ball and just moves away from you.”

How would she sum it up?

“Really tough. The conditions were really, really tough to play.”

She continued, ” I think on Arthur Ashe Stadium the wind is really strong, and you really feel the wind a lot. For me, I don’t know how it is for the other players, but it’s very hard when the wind is like this. When it’s strong, it’s very hard to play the game. Sometimes you need as well a little bit of luck in there and really try your best to make, you know, as many balls as you can in the court. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that today.”


Wind Claims Its First Victim