Wired.com’s Eliot Van Buskirk Quits For Music Startup Echo Nest

Eliot Van Buskirk is leaving Wired.com to work at Echo Nest, a Somerville, MA, firm that develops music applications.

The move makes a lot of sense. Buskirk has been covering the digital music scene since 1997 and seems to have a particular passion for the future of music in the cloud. For many years he wrote the music focused Listening Post column before moving to the site’s more general business section, Epicenter.

Echo Nest has a pretty diverse portfolio of apps. Their website features programs that match songs to a user’s running speed, help labels track their artists performace and of course the rather stale holy grail of digital music, a recommendation service that serves up what listeners “really want to hear”.

It’s not clear yet what Buskirk will be doing at Echo Nest or who will be replacing him at Wired.com. But considering how passionate Buskirk is about the innovations and shortcomings of today’s digital music industry it’s a safe bet it will be something disruptive.