Zalaznick and Hammer: NBCU Later?

The Daily Beast’s Peter Lauria takes a look today at the executive mix-up that will inevitably follow Comcast’s takeover of NBCU. He’s excited about what will happen to Bonnie Hammer and Lauren Zalaznick, the two most powerful female executives at the company. According to Mr. Lauria, they’re hungry for power! Maybe one of them will take over the broadcast business and the other will run cable? Maybe they’ll both leave?

From The Daily Beast:

The problem is, splitting cable creates the very real possibility that Burke could end up losing both Hammer and Zalaznick—and potentially Gaspin and Shell as well. A second source close to NBCU says the power pair would rather leave the company than split anything between them. There is, however, another scenario being seriously considered at Comcast’s Philadelphia headquarters that would satisfy the ambitions of Hammer and Zalaznick. Under this plan, Hammer would get the broadcast network and Zalaznick would control all of cable, as well as the combined company’s digital operations.