A Few People Wached the First Episode of ‘Parker Spitzer’; Henry Blodget is Type-A About Fiber

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann took the liberty of annoucing on Twitter yesterday evening that ratings for the first episode of Parker Spitzer were abysmal. The New York Times’ Bill Carter also reported that the first episode brought in only 454,000 total viewers (and plenty of qualitative criticism, too).

But one interview in the first episode is still moving the news cycle. Business Insider founder Henry Blodget admitted to Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker that his guilty pleasure is eating shredded wheat at night. The Daily News’ Gatecrasher column followed up with Mr. Blodget on the matter:

We asked Blodget to elaborate on this revelation and, well, he sure did. “What I apparently neglected to mention on the show is that the shredded wheat I was referring to was the after-dinner shredded wheat, which I’m not supposed to be eating on account of already having eaten,” Blodget wrote in an email to us.

“I’m nuts for the stuff,” he admitted. “Something about the texture and temperature mix of rough dry wheat and cool wet milk. Sublime.”

Which makes us think that “I’m nuts for the stuff” is an incredible thing to be able to say about shredded wheat.

Update: The Times reported this afternoon that ratings for the second episode Tuesday night climbed 13 percent.