After an Impressive Start, Wired iPad App Sales Fall to Earth; Dadich Leaves Magazine

When Wired hit the iPad this summer, the initial sales numbers seemed too good to be true. Editor Chris Anderson announced on Twitter that the iPad edition of the magazine was on pace to outsell the magazine on the newsstand in print and it did. But those days didn’t last. 

John Koblin reports for Memo Pad that, after selling 100,000 issues on the iPad in June, Wired‘s sales fell to a quarter of that by the end of the summer. The magazine normally sells 76,000 copies on the newsstand and, in August, it sold 28,000 copies on the iPad.

One very plausible explanation for the inflated sales numbers is that Apple chief Steve Jobs showed the iPad cover of Wired on stage while he was introducing the iPhone 4, probably the most watched technology release of the summer. “Can die happy now,” Mr. Anderson tweeted when Mr. Jobs showed his cover. If you had an iPad in June, Wired was the magazine Apple wanted you to buy.

Glamour’s Cindi Leive offered another explanation at the time. We asked her if Wired was setting the bar too high for the rest of the Condé Nast family. “Listen, it’s Wired,” Ms. Leive told The Observer. “Are readers of every magazine going to respond exactly that way right out of the gate? No. I’m sure they have more readers with iPads right now than I do.”

Scott Dadich has also resigned as the creative director of Wired to focus all of his attentions on his work at the corporate level on iPad development.