Alec Baldwin For Gay Marriage, Wants To Know Why Everybody Assumes He’s Straight [VIDEO]

alecbaldwin1 Alec Baldwin For Gay Marriage, Wants To Know Why Everybody Assumes Hes Straight  [VIDEO]The folks at Fight Back NY are out with another web video rallying people for gay marriage and against the state Senate Republicans, this one riffing off of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s earlier video.

In that one, Ferguson laments that he can’t marry Alec Baldwin because same-sex marriage is illegal and because, well, Baldwin is straight. In this one, Baldwin answers, and takes aim at those obstinate Republican senators as well.

One interesting political side note here is that Baldwin has long been rumored to be interested in political office.

This “60 Minutes” profile notes that, “liberal politics has always been his passion. He grew up in a working class family on Long Island, N.Y. He has an impressive grasp of the issues, and spends a huge amount of his time and money supporting causes he believes in, like animal rights, the environment, and the arts. “

Earlier this year, he spoke at the Kennedy School for Government and mentioned that he could look into a run down the road, and the Working Families Party was rumored to be looking for him to run on their line this year, before Andrew Cuomo accepted the line.


  1. Linda Fields says:

    The notion of the whisper campaign that Baldwin depicts in his reponse video is akin to my problems around my house with people thinking I am in cahoots with this man… doing whatever it is they feel he is doing wrong in the world.  So people feel that somehow I am one of them, their family, or because of me being a New Yorker .. so thus this actor and I share a history of involvement in disturbing the people of Florida and taking over doctors’ practices… believe it or not.  That’s how whacked out the people of Lake Worth are here in Florida.  Because of this whisper campaign, people damage my property so that .. in their mideaval Brazilian Jungle Itchy Minds .. they are severing my ties to the Baldwin Family, any relation I could have to Donald Trump or his youngest son.. all because I am a Mason.  Figure out this sicko logic.