All Things D Gets a Raise Thanks To AOL

Valleywag is reporting that the first contract renegotiation between News Corp and All Things D went very well for the scribes at the tech blog. That may be thanks to the attention All Things D got from AOL before CEO Tim Armstrong decided to buy Techcrunch instead.

The new deal, the first since Rupert Murdoch took over The Wall Street Journal, includes more staff, additional conference events and perhaps a few new sites spun off under the All Things D banner.

In a post earlier this week Peter Kafka of All Things D let it slide that AOL, “Has talked to other tech-news operators about a deal, including Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, who run this site and related conferences for Dow Jones.”

As newspaper companies look to prop up their sagging revenues and find new models for distribution there is a growing emphasis on conferences and live events where media heavyweights like AOL and Down Jones can connect with power players and young startups.