Bloomberg Tells Twitter Users to Get a Life

Michael Bloomberg made his fortune providing people with a digital platform for sharing the most up to date, actionable information about the markets. So the mayor can be forgiven for feeling a little confused, or perhaps threatened, by the new king of real time information, Twitter. 

“Where do they get the time to do it?” Bloomberg asked on his weekly radio show. “Shouldn’t, aren’t – there have got to be other thing in life to do.” Like listen to the radio, or make a billion dollars or figure out a way to sidestep term limits. 

Bloomie described his perplexing experience reading through the mundane details of his friend’s life on Twitter. “‘I’m going to the bank right now’ you know, or ‘I think I’ll have coffee’. And you wonder, number one, why does anyone care? Why do people, why would you look at it?”

Here’s a tip for Da Maya. Don’t follow folks with incredibly boring Twitter feeds, even if they are your friends in real life. Try spending a week digesting the tweets of your favorite financial journalists, CEOs and fellow politicians. That should give you a better idea of what this whole Twitter thing is about.