Cell Phone In East Village Asks You To Free Your Mind, Fight the Federal Reserve

Tech Observer was wandering in Tompkins Square Park today and spotted a sign asking New Yorkers to call in and leave a message.

A megaphone attached to a tower then broadcasts these voicemails to the public.

Urban Speaker is a piece by Carlos Gomez, debuting as part of the Conflux Festival, which explores the psycho-geography of NYC.

Tech Observer gave it a try and received this amazing message,

Free Your Mind. This message is brought to you by Guz. The purpose of the message is to elevate and uplift all minds. Please research DMT, pineal gland and get familiar with what’s destructing you. Whether it’s the high fructose corn syrup, the floride, the artificial food coloring or the flavoring injected into our food system. Don’t let yourself be a slave. Break free from the system and the Federal Reserve and end the elite that rule the world.”

At this point we were pretty pumped up to open our third eye and tell it to the man for all the world, or at least Tompkins Square, to hear.

Sadly, while Gomez has freed his mind, his is still a slave to the machine — the answering machine. Instead of leaving a message, Tech Observer was informed, “Sorry, that voice mail box is full. Please call again later.”