CNBC to Air Goldman Documentary Tomorrow

Self-described premier global business TV channel CNBC today announced that it would be airing a documentary about Goldman Sachs on Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 9 p.m. It’s called “Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril.”

CNBC says the hour-long special, hosted by David Faber, will probe Goldman’s “tightly knit corporate culture of extraordinarily driven professionals.” For some reason, CNBC camera crews have traveled to Cleveland to hear from critics of the firm. (We’re betting that the footage will create a striking contrast between the lives of Goldman traders and those of the “everyday” Midwesterners CNBC talks to.)

The documentary will also explore well-known connections between Goldman Sachs and Wall Street and poses the question as to whether Goldman’s D.C. connections have given it an unfair leg up during the financial crisis.

Also on TV Wednesday night at 9: “Law & Order SVU,” “Modern Family,” “Criminal Minds,” “Hellcats,” “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Friday Night Lights.” If you get bored halfway through the Goldman documentary, Cougar Town starts at 9:30.

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CNBC to Air Goldman Documentary Tomorrow