Does Google Know You Secretly Lust After Garden Gnomes?

“The new bar down the street. Garden gnomes. Your date. What you don’t know, you Google, but what does Google know about you? Google knows a lot more about us than we know about them.”

So begins the newest episode of Bloomberg TV’s Game Changers, a behind-the-music for the tech set. This week’s episode focuses on the search giant created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Reading between the lines of this promo clip, Bloomberg seems to be saying that Google knows I secretly go on dates with my garden gnome at the new bar down the street.

Schmidt, get out my head!

Seriously folks, The Observer has spotted a fascinating trend with Game Changers. The first week’s episode about Facebook replaced swear words with gentler euphemisms. The second episode on Apple went with the slightly bleeped f*ck. Will this week’s episode on Google go the full Carol Bartz and just start dropping unexpurgated f-bombs?

Tune in and find out. Or just Google it the next morning.

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