Eight Head-Shaking Horror Stories From the Foreclosure Crisis

  • foreclosure3 0 Eight Head Shaking Horror Stories From the Foreclosure CrisisThe foreclosure crisis has created a jumble of horrific scenarios, from bank-hired “contractors” who break into people’s houses before foreclosure proceedings have begun to vast swathes of land that have been slated for development and subsequently abandoned.

    Amid all the extreme cases, it’s important to note that the actual foreclosure paperwork is turning out to be incredibly fraudulent, multitrillion dollars’ worth of securities could be jeopardized by how poorly they were made. The resulting impact on the financial system could potentially be devastating. With that in mind, take a look at Horror Stories From the Foreclosure Crisis.


  1. NaturalStone says:

    This are not stories.
     In fact this Horror stories i have experienced it  my self.  I have purchased my home 1996. As Millions of Americans I have gone overboard with up-grading my home. It was costlly!  I have Ref. several times. Chase financial Group. Warld Savings, Than,  the Loan was Sold to B of A. Countrywide  Home Loans  two times. City Mortgage Inc. and Wachovia Mortgage FSB. Finaly Lender Wells FARGO BK NA. There was so many Preditory Lenders  it’s unbeleavable. Now my home is in Preforeclosure stage since Jan. 20. 11. In and around  month of May 2011. With out any notification of Sale Date. I was terorised on the dailly bases from about 40-50  Brockers,  Realestate Agents,  Investors, and  so called Short Sale Exports. Letters and post cards were left on my doorsas steps well sent to me  by mail. Terible  things was sed to me. . I was in feer for my life and my safety. I could not open my doors. As I aws going out from my home  for any reason the Short Sale Agents were thrying to get inn my home.. The Investors were forcing themself into my home even after 11:00 PM.   I was told that my house is going to be sold at Auction at the County Court House steps, and I will get a knock on the doors and frankly, to be kick out on the street. My windows were brocken several times. My front dores was brocken .  My Iron gates were totaly removed from the side of the house.  .All  of this was hapening  without any  notiffication from my lender,  reguarding the  Short Sale. By the grace of good, sudenly everything has stoped.  Today I am suffering with stress and exieties as well as other problems that I have developed durring this terible Realestate Rush  to grab somebody’s property. 
    I am a  Homeowner  and I am proud to American Citizen, and I am proud to say.
    Good Bless Ametica