The New Yorker’s Nick Denton Profile Posted Online

nick denton credit mathow 0 0 The New Yorkers Nick Denton Profile Posted Online“Search and Destroy,” New Yorker scribe Ben McGrath’s 10,000-word profile of Gawker Media overlord Nick Denton, went live on the magazine’s website around midnight last night. It’s thorough, witty and well-sourced, as it allows quotes from the acid-tongued chorus of former and current Gawker writers to create a somewhat fresh — albeit still slightly clouded — take on a figure that has already been endlessly picked over.

The news for now is that the story does in fact exist — the long gestating piece would not be killed off just because a similar Denton profile appeared in New York magazine weeks before. 


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  2. Now the founder of the blog talks about the battle between Microsoft and Yahoo, Barry Diller, and why he says Gawker Media’s Nick Denton is “amoral.

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