From The 24-Hour File: Grasso For Donovan, Paladino Kicks In Another $1 Million +

The Politicker peered into the Board of Elections latest round of 24-hour filings and learned a few interesting tidbits:


  1. Former New York Stock Exchange head Dick Grasso threw in $5,000 to Dan Donovan’s attorney general campaign. This comes after Grasso pal Ken Langone dropped over $50,000 at a recent Donovan fundraiser at Mayor Bloomberg’s house, and means that Donovan has pretty much locked-up the vote of people who want Eliot Spitzer to burn in his own private hell.
  2. Carl Paladino just dropped another $1.6 million on his own race. He pledged to spend $10 million on this race, and so far hasn’t hit that mark, although it appears the campaign is planning to spend a lot of that all at once.
  3. Real estate is trying to be a major player in this election, as former Observer scribe Eliot Brown predicted. The Real Estate Board Political Action Committee just send nearly $100,000 to the State Conservative Campaign Committee, and Donald Zucker, a prominent developer in town, sent along another $25,000.


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