Gloria Steinem Robo-calls for Cuomo, Schneiderman On the WFP Line

Political writer and activist Gloria Steinem will be roboing New York voters to urge them to vote for Democrats on the Working Family Party line next Tuesday.

The WFP says the call is going out to “tens of thousands” of party members, as well as those registered with the Democratic and Independence Party. The call is targeted to “progressive” district in New York City.

The call is posted above, the script below:

“Hi this is Gloria Steinem.  Radical right-wing control of the Republican Party is pushing the Democratic Party to the Right.  But on Election Day we have a chance to stand up for real progressive values by voting on the Working Families Party ballot line. 

Votes for Andrew Cuomo on the Working Families line will help Cuomo beat the Tea Party Republicans AND they send a powerful progressive message.  So join me, Gloria Steinem, and Vote your Values this Tuesday. 

Vote for Andrew Cuomo, Eric Schneiderman, and ALL the candidates on the Working Families ballot line, Row E, Thank You.