Good Morning, Taylor Swift! [UPDATE]

104393660 Good Morning, Taylor Swift! [UPDATE]Boy, Ms. Swift, that’s some serious Jet Blue promotion you got going on there. 

Not only will you appear in in-flight advertising for the next two months in a post-takeoff Jet Blue commercial that, like the flight-safety information, cannot be turned off, but you also get to perform at the storied Jet Blue terminal at JFK! That may sound like sarcasm but it’s not because:

  • How could anyone impugn your fame?
  • Have you been to that terminal? Two words: Cheeburger Cheeburger. Literally missed a plane enjoying one of those.

“There are very few airlines that could get away with it,” one expert told The Times. And not many people can get away with a quote like the one you gave to MTV about your boyfriends (“I’ve never kept quiet the fact that I write songs about people,” you said. “It’s like, this is album number three. You guys have had fair warning!”). Go get ’em, Tay-Tay.


The Observer

UPDATE: 2:30 p.m.


Taylor! We just received a press release about your upcoming performance on the Allure of the Seas, a Royal Carribean cruise liner, in January 2011. You’re just a promotional machine! 

That ship apparently has an amphitheater on it and we imagine it’ll be pure bliss to hear you crooning those delightful “ee-ee-ees” in “You Belong With Me.” Just think of the acoustics!

Unforutnately their website seems to be down, but Examiner had a little piece about your performance. Congrats! Again! Good afternoon!

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