Hall And Hayworth In Dead Heat In Closely Watched Congressional Race; Arcuri Keeps Slight Lead

Another poll out today from the folks at Siena shows a virtual dead heat in the race for the Hudson Valley congressional seat.

John Hall leads Nan Hayworth 47-46 with just 6% undecided. Two weeks ago, the poll showed Hayworth leading 46-43.

The 19th CD has always been one of the country’s quintessential swing districts. In 1994, when the Gingrich Republicans took control of the House, GOPer Sue Kelly grabbed the seat from a Democrat. In 2006, when the Democrats retook control, John Hall grabbed it from Kelly.

Privately, many senior Democrats have told The Politicker that they actually consider this seat to be the G.O.P’s most likely pick-up opportunity in New York, after NY-29, the seat previously held by disgraced congressman Eric Massa, which looks all but gone for the Dems.

In other Siena news, Mike Arcuri, who represents western New York’s 24th congressional district, has a five-point lead over his G.O.P challenger, Richard Hanna, down from 8 points two weeks ago.