Hotly Anticipated Paladino Message Revealed

By now Carl Paladino has already recorded the message that the political world has been buzzing about all day.

According to WVIB, one of the three major television stations where Paladino bought airtime, the Republican nominee, “addresses New Yorkers about the controversies that have surrounded his campaign, including his infidelity that resulted in a child being born out of wedlock. He notes that his family has come under attack over this, yet no one has bothered to ask these same type of questions to his Democratic challenger Andrew Cuomo, saying Cuomo’s ‘prowess is legendary.'”

In the erratic Paladino fashion  we have come to recognize, Paladino then says that he does not think the campaign should be about these kind of crude allegations. He then accuses Cuomo of being afraid to debate. And at the end of the announcement, Paladino brings out Nancy Naples, his campaign chairwoman, who asks for donations.