Howard Kurtz Joining ‘The Daily Beast’ as Washington Bureau Chief

Daily Beast editor-in-chief Tina Brown announced this afternoon that Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post‘s media critic and an investigative reporter, will be taking over as the site’s Washington Bureau chief. “Howie knows that today the interaction of media and politics is the story,” Ms. Brown wrote in the announcement. “He combines integrity and rigorous reporting.”

The Daily Beast is coming up on its second anniversary tomorrow. Mr. Kurtz wrote about the site when it launched in 2008. “It is an intriguing experiment, and not just for the 54-year-old Brown,” Mr. Kurtz wrote. “The Web is packed with liberal sites, conservative sites and destinations that link to every other site on the planet. Brown is promoting herself as a tastemaker-in-chief, serving up such features as ‘Cheat Sheet,’ touting must-reads, and ‘Buzz Board,’ in which famous people recommend everything from books to boots.”

Mr. Kurtz will keep his CNN Sunday show Reliable Sources. Ms. Brown was a guest on the show last month to talk about Glenn Beck and how the media is covering President Obama.