ICYMI: Christie and the NJEA

Lost in the furor over ousted education chief Bret Schundler’s testimony that Gov. Chris Christie was more interested in continuing his war with the New Jersey Education Association than he was in winning $400 million in federal education money was the NJEA’s own position on the grant.

In an interview minutes before the announcement came down that New Jersey was not awarded the funding, a representative for the NJEA told PolitickerNJ that the application submitted by Christie was “damaging to education” in the state.

The spokesman stopped short of saying the NJEA did not want the money if it came on Christie’s terms, but instead stressed that if the money were awarded, it would be damaging to educational structure.

As part of the post mortem demanded by senate and assembly Democrats, Christie’s statements to Schundler have been dissected ad infinitum, but similar statements made by the teachers union have gone virtually unnoticed.