In Other News..: BILBO 4 PREZ

2254866 In Other News..: BILBO 4 PREZBilbo Baggins got one write-in vote for Attorney General in the primaries. As did Eliot Spritzer and Ruch Limbaugh. Ruch and Spritz in 2010! 

– Things you need: cheese that tastes like bacon.

– Guess which “celebrity” (we use this term loosely) said the following: “I want my dressing room to feel like you were inside a Tiffany gift box.” 

– Well, this makes a lot of sense. Notorious pinot grigio-guzzling wino Ramona Singer is launching her very own line of PG! Would you rather:

   1 – drink Ramonawine 2 – wear Ramonajewelry 3 – use Ramonaskincream 4 – lick a subway pole?

– Hump day slideshow: top 10 athlete/media confrontations. 

– Scratch what we said yesterday, we are definitely being this for Halloween. 

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