In Other News…: Disney, Is Nothing Sacred?

tron legacy In Other News...: Disney, Is Nothing Sacred? Things you need: TRON-inspired high heels! Yes! You need these! Disney says. 

Gallery that contributed to the creation of Williamsburg hipsterheaven gets booted out of its space because rent got too high. ‘Twas ever thus. 

Pod hotel opening on 42nd and 10th. Booze on the terrace until 3 a.m. Was “proximity to the Hustler Club” one of the primary criteria they looked at when choosing a space?

Who’s the worst member of Congress? Hint: “all of them” was not a choice. 

The most expensive car to insure is…the Escalade. So, if you’re thinking about getting an Escalade but concerned about the practical implications, well…then you’re not really thinking about getting an Escalade.

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