In Other News: Gunn vs. Momsen = Righteous vs., um…Not

%name In Other News: Gunn vs. Momsen = Righteous vs., um...Not– The Tim Gunn/Taylor Momsen feud is a modern-day allegory of all that is useful and benevolent in the universe vs. all that is vapid and destructive.  

– This is visual. Just look at it and appreciate the fact that it lends new meaning to “tea party.”

– As if Charlie Sheen’s hot mess weren’t bad enough, they took place in the ELOISE SUITE? Charlie, is nothing sacred?

– The Rand Paul supporter who stomped on a girl’s head has a good “excuse” for why he did it: his bad back!

– You know you’re in upstate New York when: congressional candidates pimp out their NRA endorsements


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