In Other News…: PETA Shuts Down Dancing Prawns

prawn In Other News...: PETA Shuts Down Dancing Prawns – This dude would get on the subway and tell people he wanted to make friends and stuff with other commuters. Then the WSJ made a video about it. Then he got fired from his job at Morgan Stanley. Which was a coincidence. Or was it?

– Apparently if you squirt lemon juice on a prawn while it’s alive, it squirms around. OK, we buy that. But what’s bizarre is the fact that restaurants would serve this as a dish. PETA ain’t happy about it. We’re still on the part where you are supposed to have a live prawn on your plate and then eat it?

The MTA wastes “a ‘huge’ amount of time” according to an Accenture report. Related: your train is running local every weekend until July 2028. 

– Yay China! You are the world’s best toilet seller.

Before they were black and white, penguins were burgundy and grey. What haberdashery.

– Resistance is futile: Check out the crow and kitten. 

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