In Other News…: Tony Danza Cries. A Lot.

danza In Other News...: Tony Danza Cries. A Lot.– Yes, Tony Danza has a reality show in which he is…a teacher? What? But also, he allegedly “cries no fewer than four times” in the first episode. Yes. Give us more. Who’s the boss…of emo-land?

– Broccoli advertises. People pay attention and buy more broccoli. Does this mean people are also buying more high fructose corn syrup

– The most accurate description of Gaga’s latest “outfit”: Chewbacca meets Amanda Lepore.

Tabla! Closing! Danny Meyer: whaaaa!

– Things you need: a $1700 set of colored pencils!

– DUMBO underwater is strangely hypnotizing. 


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