In Other News: Where are the F*#&ing Jobs?

%name In Other News: Where are the F*#&ing Jobs?- So, yeah, the shuttle from Times Square to Grand Central was, at one point, going to be a giant moving walkway. Human conveyor belt! Those were the good old days.  

- Act surprised! Politicians are telling you lies in their campaign ads.

- Meanwhile, from the land of awesome campaign ads, here’s one from the New York Green Party of all places: “Where are the F*%&ing jobs?

-The Bowery Hotel is an enjoyable venue. But it always looks and feels so empty. Are we alone on this? Is it some kind of strange reverse psychology marketing thing?

- Scamming the elderly out of their long-held West Village apartments for pennies on the dollar? Not cool, former Citi Habitats broker. Just not.

- This is so sweet. A TriBeCa couple is sharpening their restauranteuring skills by hosting strangers for dinner once a week. Pumpkin Crème Brulée for the win.