In Other News…: Who’s More Stylish, the Rent Is Too Damn High Dude or Kirsten Gillibrand?

– The Rent Is Too Damn High Party’s Jimmy McMillan “explains” why he was wearing black gloves during last night’s debate. The rationale? Agent Orange. This dude is awesome. Also, there’s an opening for RITDH Party member #4

– Gillibrand gets a spread in Vogue, and the writer says he thought she was “a bit of a nerd” at first. Then he realized she was just a hot hot hottie. Why does KG’s career suddenly seem like the plot of She’s All That

– Bloomberg opens up a suggestion box for ways the city can save money. There are way too many jokes we could make. Suffice to say we’ll donate a nickel for every hot dog he hugs. More money for the city, more images like this one for our eyes to feast upon [PUN INTENDED HAR!]. Everybody wins.

– An interview with “Stan D’Arde,” the mysterious persona behind the Standard Hotel’s Twitter account. Choice soundbyte: “One’s personal style is their own, and Stan never judges……BUT, I’d prefer not to see you in a sports jersey. Stan only plays petanque, and one can wear Gucci for that.”

– Don’t you want to see the United States’ astrological chart for Election Day? Come on, you know you do. Unless you’re too busy doing the numerology in the back of the August 1994 issue of YM.