In Paladino vs. The Post, Fox News Comes Down Against News Corp. Allies [VIDEO]


Media Matters is out with a fascinating report today that points out that in the wake of the Fred Dicker/Carl Paladino scuffle, most of the commentary on Fox News has favored the Tea Party favorite instead of their corporate allies.

They note that Mike Huckabee told Sean Hannitty, “No matter what Carl Paladino said to [Dicker] that may have seemingly provoked him, it was his professional duty to remain detached and to remain objective. He failed to do that, and added, “I’ve never met Carl Paladino, but I’ll be honest with you, Sean, I’m getting where I really like this guy. I like him because he just — he says all the stuff I always wanted to say but never could get away with.”

On October 1, Bill O’Reilly got into the act, telling his viewers,  “I think Paladino doing what he did, you know, the wisdom is that he hurt himself. I think he helped himself. I think people in New York are so fed up. They despise Albany so much. The state is so dysfunctional that, even though he’s a mad man, OK, that even though there’s no censorship on him at all, they’re going to say, ‘You know what? That might be what we need to get this state under control.'”

On the Fox Business channel, the hosts make fun of Dicker’s, um, hairstyle, and then rapturously describe Dicker as someone who is a “guy standing up to a guy in the media — the media, after all, is down there along with Congress in terms of low opinion.” 

Videos below. And if it counts for anything, all of this Paladino did at least help the network score the coveted, rare, Paladino interview last night



In Paladino vs. The Post, Fox News Comes Down Against News Corp. Allies [VIDEO]