Introducing Coco Cam: 24 Hours of Live Conan O’Brien on YouTube Today

conan obrien poster 0 Introducing Coco Cam: 24 Hours of Live Conan OBrien on YouTube TodayEver since the internet tried to save his job, Conan O’Brien — or Coco, as the Web knows him — has been eager to return the favor.

Coco and company have become rabid user of trendy social sites like Tumblr and Twitter. They’ve dropped more than a few viral videos.

But starting at 1pm today, O’Brien and his team will embark on their most daring internet adventure yet: Coco Cam, a 24 hour show featuring a live stream that mixes behind-the-scenes action with scripted bits.

When Conan gave a speech to commemorate Youtube’s fifth anniversary, he took a rather dim view of the interet as a means for entertainers to make money.

“That’s not the point of the internet. It’s not to make money. It’s for someone you’ve never met, who’s a nerd, in Palo Alto, to make money.”

But judging by the high quality of Conan’s all-time favorite YouTube clips, it’s clear the man is an internet addict.

Check out a few of Conan’s favorite clips below.

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