WSJ. Magazine Goes Inside the Amis Household

This weekend’s issue of WSJ. Magazine — Tina Gaudoin’s last — features an interview with Martin Amis and Isabel Fonseca, his wife who is an author in her own right. To summarize: she doesn’t like to bug him about his smoking, he doesn’t notice when they move somewhere and they share a historical interest in the Holocaust.

It’s formatted as a he-said-she-said with an introduction that’s a little heavy on the sly editorial commentary (She feeds him! She only takes a small amount for herself! He doesn’t even like to eat!) but if you’re curious about the hardworking couple it offers much insight. It’s a bit like Interview only the two creative types are talking about and around each other instead of to each other.   

Also revealed! The two seem to have a running joke about the fact that marriage is itself a running joke. Mr. Amis makes it here as the last line of the introduction, but Ms. Fonesca made it just last year in The Guardian.

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