Jamie Dimon Probably Won’t Run For President

jamiedimon 9 Jamie Dimon Probably Wont Run For PresidentEverybody’s favorite banker, Jamie Dimon, is the CEO of banking behemoth JPMorgan Chase — which if you’re feeling hyperbolic and generous — could be described as the repeated savior of the American financial system and a hero of the credit crisis.

Well prepare for a shocker: Despite these noble actions, the silver-haired titan of capitalism and benevolent overseer of our country’s economy apparently harbors little desire for public office.

Indeed, this can-do captain of industry appears to have nearly given up on the idea. Here’s what Dimon said in an interview with Duff McDonald, author of Last Man Standing: The Ascent of Jamie Dimon and J.P. Morgan Chase:

McDonald: You once mentioned entering politics in some fashion after your time at J.P. Morgan Chase. What’s your thinking on that now?

Dimon: I never said entering politics specifically. I said serving my country. I always had regrets about never having served in the military. But I didn’t mean now, and I didn’t mean any particular job. As for politics, that opportunity may have very well passed me by. But I’m a big boy — I can deal with it.

No, Jamie, heed the call! America still needs you. The world still needs you.

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