Jilted Facebook Founder Divya Narendra Happy Just to Be Recognized

Divya Narendra is a villainous character in Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network. Along with the Winkelvoss Twins, Narednra represents the privileged Harvard elite who lacked the vision and skills of the more socially inept Mark Zuckerberg. 

A piece by Geoffrey Fowler in the Wall Street Journal paints a very different picture. Unlike the Winkelvi, Narendra grew up a first generation immigrant in Bayside, Queens.

As for living the high life at Harvard’s exclusive final clubs, Narendra told The Journal that, “I was an applied math major. So I was removed from all that.” He does admit to sharing a quick dance at a final club once with classmate Natalie Portman. 

After graduating Harvard, Narendra worked in finance and founded SumZero, a social networking site for high end investors that is headquartered in New York. He’s seen The Social Network twice, agrees the film is more fact than fiction, and believes in the end, “It’s nice to be recognized for something you’ve done, even if you’re not a billionaire.”