Karl Lagerfeld’s Fashionable Dubai Dream… Or Is It Another Mirage?

Forget Fifth Avenue. Who needs a street when you can have an entire island?

Back in the heady summer of 2008, as seams of the Bubble’s party dress began to rip but she was too drunk on champagne and CDOs to notice, yet another brilliant plan was hatched by the Emiratis of Dubai. They had the world’s only seven star hotel, and the tallest building ever (a modern day Tower of Babel?) was nearing completion. Why not the planet’s most fashionable island, designed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld?

Now this was bound, like so many other oasis-like projects — The World islands, the spinning tower — to never actually get built, now that Dubai has gone silent. Right?

Apparently not, as New York‘s Cut blog has stumbled upon some renderings of the project, and they are even crazier than Krazy Karl’s most outlandish couture confections. The project covers 1.2 million square feet on yet another man-made island, with three hotels and 150 residences designed in partnership with Miami firm Oppenheim. The backer is the KOR Hotel Group.

Whether this is actually happening, or it’s just a mirage designed to drum up attention — mission accomplished! — it’s fabulous all the same.

mchaban [at] observer.com / @mc_nyo