Katie Roiphe Tries to Quit Internet, Succumbs to Addiction

katie roiphe Katie Roiphe Tries to Quit Internet, Succumbs to AddictionJournalist and NYU Prof Katie Roiphe wanted to quit the Internet to help herself focus on writing her next book. But less than two days into the experiment Roiphe has to admit, “I am actually like an addict sneaking off to the roof for a cigarette, cheating.”

Part of the problem, it seems, is that Roiphe has decided not to go cold turkey. She is allowing herself, for business or perhaps humanitarian reasons, to spend 15 minutes a day checking email. But as everyone knows, electronic mail is a the ultimate gateway drug. Imagine an update on that classic cautionary tale – (RE:)efer Madness.

By day five Roiphe seems to have made progress. She manages not to go online except to check her email. But her mental state mirrors that of an addict in withdrawal. “Things feel sort of flat, sort of barren…There is an enforced quality to my work, like I am working, but in a clean, well-lit jail.”

As the week comes to a close Roiphe realizes that she is working for hours uninterrupted by the web, achieving the sort of Zen-like peace that existed before AOL. “But then, of course, at the end of the day, the gold light in the maple outside my window, I do think to myself that it has been a week, and there’s no need to be obsessive, or overly dramatic, or excessively misanthropic, and just one click won’t hurt…”



  1.              Turkey
    is carrying out a big “aid campaign” for Somali which is in the grip of drought
    and Prime Minister “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” leads this campaign.


    Desiring to be the leader of Muslim countries in the middle
    east region , Turkish Prime Minister tries to show to the İslamic World that he
    is not indifferent to the “Muslim Somalian People”. He stands up to Israel in
    order to gain sympathy of Muslim countries.


    However, he ignores a part of his citizens who trie to
    continue their lives under very difficult conditions in Turkey!


    Because of the economic crises that have been experienced in
    Turkey, “bankrupt businessmen live under very difficult conditions”, and they
    are sought by the courts and police because of their debts.


    When these businessmen are caught by the police, they are
    put into prison for five years. They do not have a prominent address and they
    constantly change the place they live in order not to be caught by the police.
    They are unable to receive treatment when they get ill, because in hospitals,
    the police check whether the person is sought or not by the courts. And if they
    have a job, they can in no way benefit from social rights since they are unable
    to make the social security registration.


    And the most terrifying result is that “they can not send
    their children to school”, so the children can not take education. Because the
    legal residence address information is required for registration to the school.
    When the address information is given to the school, these information get
    saved in the address information system and the police comes to catch the
    wanted person because of his debts.


    It is claimed that there are 400 thousand people in Turkey
    who are sought by the police and other military security forces because of
    their debts and that 70 thousand businessmen are still being kept in prison for
    their debts. When these numbers are commented together with the families of the
    businessmen, it means that there are 1,5 million people living under difficult


    For giving treatment in hospitals, the hospitals sought for
    the condition that the person has a Social Security Organization registration.
    And if there is no registration in these security organizations, none of the
    family members can benefit from the treatment services. Because when a person
    makes such a registration, his residence address is detected by the police and
    the person can be caught.


    These data means that 20 percent of the population live
    without social security.


    These people are unable to receive treatment in the
    hospitals, and those of them who find a job work without social security in
    their work place and they can not send their children to school.


          Why doesn’t the
    Turkish Prime Minister care the situation of the children of bankrupt
    businessmen who lost their monetary power, or why does he ignore them, while
    declaring mobilization in his country for helping Muslim Somalian People suffering
    from hunger, and while trying to prove to the whole “Muslim World” that he is
    the protector of the Muslims. Or is there a belief in Islam that the insolvent,
    bankrupt persons who lost their assets “should have lost also their religion”
    Turkey’s Somalian Children:  Çek mağdurları