Knick Ribs: The City’s Best Alternatives to McDonald’s Infamous Sandwich

Earlier this month, the Journal wrote an a-hed about the national obsession that is the McRib sandwich. The article set the Internet on fire, not only because readers were shocked to discover that there was a band of otherwise sane American men and women obsessed with the limited-time-only sandwich but also due to the blockbuster news that, starting next Monday, and for the following six weeks, the McRib will be available nationwide, in every single McDonald’s franchise, for the first time in its history. (The sandwich dates to 1981.)

Naturally, this got The Observer a-hankerin’. So off we went to Daisy May’s Barbeque for a pulled pork sandwich. Only after finishing our delectable lunch, pink napkin besmirched with drippings, did we realize the McRib is late to the party. When you live in New York, with our boundless gustatory options, there is no need for mass-market pap. Herewith is a dozen of the city’s best McRib alternatives. Grab your own pink napkin and enjoy.


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