Media Titans Beware… iPad Sales Falling Far Short of Expectations

Glossy New York media companies like Conde Nast and Hearst are hoping that Apple’s iPad will be the high-end retail platform for digital content that will make up for the losses they have seen in print.

Perhaps they will. But while Apple earnings beat Wall Street expectations today, as they usually do, the company missed the mark on iPads by a wide margin.

As Dan Frommer at Business Insider reports, consensus estimates for the iPad were 4.7 million units shipped, with some hoping for as many as 5.5 million.

Today Apple reported it had shipped just 4.19 million units. Its too early to know if these numbers represent weak demand, supply chain problems or the simple fact that Apple likes to limit the supply of new devices when they debut to add to the gadget’s luxury appeal.

Magazine publishers looking for a silver lining should check out the wave of Android tablets about to hit the market.