Morning Roundup: More Monetization, More Problems

  • Experts, including some Federal Reserve officials, doubt that another round of money-printing asset purchases will do much to help our flaccid economy. The central bank is revving up the monetary inflation machine anyway, so expect a few hundred billion dollars in monetary stimulus to start coming your way next week. [WSJ
  • Lazard, the merger advisory that’s still haunted by the ghost of late CEO Bruce Wasserstein, reported a third-quarter profit that beat analyst expectations. [Bloomberg]
  • People Googled the pants off of “Todd Combs” after Warren Buffett chose him as heir apparent to Berkshire Hathaway’s $100 billion investment portfolio, because before his selection, nobody knew who in tarnation Todd Combs was. [NYT]
  • What do Americans not want to do right now? Invest in stocks, of course! [DailyFinance]
  • Goldman Sachs sold $1.3 billion in 50-year bonds yesterday, getting investors to lend it money for a pretty low interest rate. Some say Goldman was able to do this because it knows how to spot a sucker and milk him for all he’s worth. [FT Alphaville]

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