Morning Roundup: Not Sweating Over Bonuses

  • A new survey shows that even though the government is sticking its nose into Wall Streeters’ pay packages, bankers are not terribly concerned about the size of this years’ bonus checks. [WSJ]
  • Central bankers from the world’s economic powers got together Friday for a delicious dinner of beef tenderloin and seared scallops. Also on the menu: a discussion of how to fix the world’s trade imbalances and a poke at China to see if it’s had a change of heart about its currency valuation. [NYT]
  • It’s unclear whether quantitative easing, one of the Fed’s few remaining measures to try to fix the economy, will do anything at all to curb unemployment. [Bloomberg]
  • Bankers would prefer that the new Basel III capital requirements be implemented slowly, because they’re worried that the global economy will suffer. [Reuters]
  • David Axelrod is yelling at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which lobbies the government on behalf of American businesses. Axelrod says the group should have to prove it’s not using foreign money to fund political candidates. [FT]

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