NARAL Head, Other Prominent Female Leaders Keep Heat On Paid-Sick Bill

Kelli Conlin, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice New York is out today with a statement endorsing the Paid-Sick Leave now before the City Council.

“All women juggling work and family responsibilities have a stake in the debate over paid sick days, but it’s acutely important for pregnant women in low-wage sectors who are sometimes forced to choose between essential prenatal care and the need for a day’s pay,” Conlin says. “No woman should ever face such a Hobson’s Choice, and we hope that the City Council will bring the legislation to the floor for a vote.”

Women have been a growing voice behind this legislation as Council Speaker Christine Quinn continue to weigh whether or not to bring the legislation to a vote. Conlin’s statement comes as dozens of national and local women leaders have signed on to a letter that CKatz first reported on last month urging to Quinn to back the legislation. Among the most recent signatories include local NOW president Sonia Ossorio, New York women’s foundation president Ana Oliveira, and Planned Parenthood’s Vicki Breitbart.

Full list of new national and local signatories below:


Arlene Holt Baker (Exec. V-P, AFL-CIO)

Carol Goertzel (Pathways, PA)

Debra Ness (President, National Partnership for Women & Families)

Ellen Bravo (Exec Director, Family Values @ Work)

Jenna Mehnert (Exec Director, Nat’l Assoc of Social Workers, PA)

Joan Blades (Co-Founder MomsRising)

JoAnne Fischer (Maternity Care Coalition, PA)

Judy Lichtman (Sr. Advisor, National Partnership for Women & Families)

Karen J. See (National President, CLUW)

Kimberly Freeman Brown (Exec Director, American Rights @ Work)

Kirsten Rowe-Finkbeiner (Co-Founder, MomsRising)

Linda Hallman (Exec Director, American Assoc of University Women)

Linda Meric (National Director, 9to5, National Association of Working Women)

Liz Shuler (Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO)

Marcia Greenberger (Co- President, National Women’s Law Center)

Nancy Duff Campbell (Co- President, National Women’s Law Center)

Nancy Ratzan (President, National Council of Jewish Women)

Netsy Firestein (Director, Labor Project for Working Families)

Pat Friend (President, AFA-CWA)

Sandra Strauss (PA Council of Churches)

Terry O’Neill (National President, NOW)

Winnie Stachelberg (Senior VP, Center for American Progress)

Ana Oliveira (NY Women’s Foundation)

Anne Boggan (Attorney)

Deborah Ellis (NYU School of Law)

Jane Manning (NOW New York City)

Janice Goodman (Labor Lawyer)

Kathy Goldman (North Star Fund)

Nicole Mason (Women of Color Policy Network)

Sonia Ossorio (NOW New York City)

Rabbi Lisa Gruscow (Rabbi)

Vicki Breitbart (Planned Parenthood, PHANYC)







NARAL Head, Other Prominent Female Leaders Keep Heat On Paid-Sick Bill