‘Nietzsche Was a Serious Guy’: HuffPo Uncovers Wes Anderson’s Undergraduate Fiction

The Huffington Post has uncovered a short story by director Wes Anderson, published in the University of Texas’ literary magazine Analecta. They deemed it “precocious, whimsical” in the headline, which seems to summarize things neatly.

The story, “The Ballad of Reading Milton,” was actually discovered by the current editor of Analecta, who posted the excerpt of the issue on the magazine’s Tumblr, but we have to give HuffPost credit for finding it (Google Alert: “precocious,” maybe). Analecta points out a few similarities to Rushmore. The main character’s name is Max, and it’s not hard to imagine Jason Schwartzman deadpanning the quirky dialogue. He steps into the kitchen of a restaurant to sautee mushrooms, explaining to the outraged chef, “It needed oil.” At one point, he walks past a girl who’s telling her friends “I’m not even French.”

As undergraduate fiction goes, it’s not bad, but as the Analecta editor notes, it “did not win the prose contest that year.”